Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Story

Hi!  I am Kim Summers and this is my story:
I graduated from the University of  South Alabama as a language arts secondary education major in 1992--yes, almost twenty years ago.  I am currently enrolled in two summer courses (this one and and an online Foundations of Reading.)  I am being wildly thrust into the "cloud world"--- kicking and screaming I might add.  But I"m discovering  I am excited about the new challenges.

My family roots are in Mobile, Alabama; but I have lived in Missouri and Central Florida.  I also lived a year and a half in Brussels, Belgium (doing some missionary work.)  My teaching experience has been in a variety of settings. Most currently I have taught elementary classes at Covenant Christian School where my children aged 9 and 12 attend school.  Covenant is a great private school.  It is small, but built on such strong educational foundations and leadership. I love teaching, but most of all I love partnering with families to raise great kids.  When we get the parents on board, we're most effective. 

I am taking these classes this summer to update my teaching certification in hopes of entering the secondary education field agian.  The technological tools have changed so drastically.  I am truly embarking on a journey to a wild new world.

I enjoy gardening, cooking and traveling; all of which I won't have time for over the next eight weeks.


  1. Kicking and screaming. But you are right. The cloud will capture you.

    Welcome to EEDM310.

  2. Kim,

    This technology business is hard now, but soon you will understand it! You'll also LOVE it! So keep up the effort. You're doing well so far.
    I'm jealous you lived in Belgium. That must've been a great experience! You're last statement made me laugh!
    Good luck!

  3. Kim,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your kind remarks. I have enjoyed reading your story and looking over your blog. It sounds like your EEDM310 class is giving you a great immersion in the cloud world. Keep up the great work. Just to be contrary to your take on the subject, when I think of people coming kicking and screaming into technology literacy, I never see people engaged, as you obviously are. Your blog is done excellently and with inspiration.

    I enjoy gardening, cooking, and traveling too. It does get easier to do when your kids are in college and beyond, which mine are. (Although travel is limited to closer to home when we are paying for college.)

    Keep up the great work!