Sunday, June 26, 2011

Blog Assignment #8

Comments on Carly Pugh's Blog Post #12:
Can I please be as honest as Carly starts out her blog? I started this blog assignment late and with dread. I kind of felt tired. I told myself, "I'm sick to death of thinking about how I "feel" about things and having to write about it. Then I read Carly's blog. Her thoughts came from the purest,freshest heart. It was creation in its finest example. I'm sure this blog post made Dr. Strange glad that he is 70-something and still flinging his philosophies out there.

I know that as educators we become tired. But let us rest, take a deep breath and keep going. (Just like I did about this blog.) And when we need some encouragement, we can go to Carly's play list where multi-media picks us up again and inspires us to keep changing the world one talent at a time. Thanks for sharing, Carly.

Comments on Richard Miller's Video This Is How We Dream Parts 1 and 2Richard Miller showed us how communication is changing into visual composition--composing with the web itself. In these videos Miller shows us what teaching visual literacy might look like. He says that information belongs to us as a culture, not to us individually. Miller's dream is imagining what technology makes possible. His dream is to embrace what we already know and to allow ideas for multi-media to push into our culture.

In the final video Learn to Change, Change to Learn one of the speakers expressed what today's new literacy looks like. Our students must learn how to:
-find information
-validate it
-synthesize it
-communicate it
-collaborate with it
-and problem solve.

The question for us as educators is,"What does our role in teaching new literacy look like?" And then, at the persuasion of Daniel Pink, we might ask, "How are we doing with that today?

...And MY response to what I'm dreaming about...
person with umbrella on Paris street

My personal responses have yet to be imagined. I know I enjoy "changing to learn"
however daunting the task. Last year I helped a middle school elective class write a traditional class newspaper. (All the while, I knew how newsprint is currently changing from what the world has always known it to be.)  After a few short weeks of immersion in learning technology in EDM310, I woke up one morning with the ideas of transforming that "newspaper" into being something technological. Why not blog, create radio podcasts and interactive surveys. The video that I want to make is next year when I can say, "I DID it! Let me show you some of my success, so you can do it too."


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  2. Hi Kim,
    I can completely relate to Carly's blog as well. Sometimes it gets to the point where you just don't want to do it anymore. She makes it easy to stay motivated and inspired with her playlist, who wouldn't be inspired after reading her post.
    That would be awesome to to make that middle school newspaper technological. The students would learn so much through the process I am sure and would more than likely really enjoy working on such a project. It seems that EDM310 has inspired you. I really enjoyed reading your blog. It looks great!

  3. A tech-savvy newspaper for middle school is a great idea! It would benefit more than just the kids. Some of the students may even be so inspired to pursue a career in that field!

  4. Kim,
    I have been humbled by all of you who have been able to relate to my blog post. I really am glad it has helped! I never thought it would be this well-received. I like that you are already thinking of ways to change up things you have done in the past- like the newspaper thing. I actually was inspired to look into journalism via technology and found some cool links if you would like me to send them to you! Like Jacey-Blaire pointed out, you never know if one of your students might find inspiration for their future career by participating in your class! Keep up the good work!
    Carly :)

  5. Do you have an iPad? There are lots of examples of "new newspapers" that would interest you: Flipboard, Pulse and others. Ask one of us in the lab to do a demonstration for you if you do not have an iPad.

    Personal, thoughtful, well done. Jacey-Blaire and Carly in their comments speak for me as well. Thanks!