Saturday, July 23, 2011

Final Reflection Video

Dr. Strange, I actually counted the hours.  For me this course required 229 hours (including time spent in class and working on group projects).  I read, several times, to expect 128 hours.

( I failed to thank my team leader, Carly-- a very creative girl, with a tall personality.  Thanks for those creative posts, the suggestions, and helping with our final project.)


  1. Wow! I have wanted someone to keep a log for some time and even attempted to recruit participants. All to no avail. Thanks! Eveopening! How much was necessary to do the work and how much was because you wanted to do more? Any idea?

    Thank you very much!

  2. "...old but still with it..." I should have that made into a needlepoint and hang in my wall! :) It is easy to encourage collaboration when I have so many great assistants (as you recognized)!

    It has been a long time since I read 1984. I taught a course on utopias (positive and negative) one time. I was surprised that I had 3 people read a book. But I was not surprised by who they were!

    And thanks for marching with us - doubletime!
    Come by and see us from time to time. Don't sign off forever! It was always a delight to see you hard at work in the lab!

  3. Kim,
    You are such an inspiration. You seem to care so much about what you do and we need more teachers like that! Anytime you need any help staying "with it" on technology or would just like to visit, please do so! You have been a very positive addition to the EDM310 class this summer :)