Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Final Project

Last year I worked with a group of middle school students to create a school newspaper.  Because of this course, I discovered new ways to involve technology in creating classroom news.  Gemini Sigler, Amy Wilborn, and I worked together to create a digital document on Pages, an Apple software program for page layout.  None of us had done much work on the Mac.  We approached this project, prepared to learn something new, while applying skills we gained in EDM 310.  Although the Pages product is beautiful and easy to use, we met some challenges in preparing the document to achieve our goal.  Our project is discussed in a podcast for this post.

During preparation for this project I learned from Dr. Strange that you could create a newspaper based on tweets. A very fresh idea that I would like to explore. Carly Pugh suggested I look at Transglobal Free Press.  This was another really interesting twist showing how the world's "newspaper" is evolving.  Sharing ideas as a community has been such a vital part of this process.

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  1. This was a great idea! And pages seems like a great asset to developing it. Keep working on it! It can only improve. I hope you can easily and happily apply this outside of EDM310 :)