Sunday, July 3, 2011


nature photos

I visited Denise Kreb's web sight Dare to Care
How do creative teachers spend the summer months? Taking pictures? These  are some of  Ms. Kreb's nature photos [see correction in comment below]. Learn how to manage and post photos through this June/July/and August Project. Born in inspiration from a Twitter conversation, this project has you take one picture a day in June, July, and August.

In her latest post she gives lots of links to resources for new bloggers, like me.  Through her experience, she found it wise to have two blogs.  She has one for her students and one used professionally.

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  1. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for visiting my blog again, and I enjoyed reading about my blog on your blog! :) Just a clarification, though; the pictures you posted above are from a really cool Flickr group called #eltpics. You can use their themed photos for educational purposes. It makes it really easy for students to cite them, the photos are vetted by teachers, and they come from around the world--very interesting and well-done. The #eltpics group can be found at

    Here are the #JJAProject photos I've taken so far.