Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog Assignment #13


I enjoyed this assignment because I had time to "look and learn." I visited an educational site created by Jose Picardo.  I had never visited a site like it before.  Right away my mind was gleaning ideas to use in the classroom.  One idea I discovered was putting a quiz with a blog post.  I read something and had an idea for using video to teach writing dialogue.  I love when my head reels with ideas.

Jose Picardo also shared 10 tips for using technology in the classroom.  He gave me some ideas for things I want to explore.  I would like to play with game makers.  I am very open to using music and social networking in the classroom.  I had never heard of animotoSo many new possibilities.  My favorite quote from Mr. Picardo:  "Only use media when it helps you achieve your lesson objectives."  We must always guide the tool to target the goal.


  1. Kim,
    We love when your head reels with ideas too! And I bet your students will also be glad of this! I am proud to see one of EDM310's own getting excited about applying what they are learning :)

  2. Well done. Thanks for correcting my "missing o URL"!

  3. Kim,
    I really enjoyed Jose Picardo's site and 10 tips too. I think he makes wonderful points on how to use technology and its resources efficiently in the classroom. I am glad to see that you are so thrilled to begin using technology in your classroom. ")